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United Call CenterJune 6, 2011Rating: 5UNITED CALL CENTER has changed the way we do business!UNITED CALL CENTER has changed the way we do business in more ways than one.  Not only do all prospective buyers and sellers get a person that is polite and responsive in answering the phone but they also get immediately connected to a sales person without skipping a beat. This is the way businesses should work, UNITED CALL CENTER fills the gap when our office closed and our consumers are getting off work and calling in – that’s when most business was lost.- Maria Real Estate Agent
United Call CenterJune 6, 2011Rating: 5Couldn’t function without them!!Best Service, great staff, quick responses, no billing issues, LOVE these guys… Couldn’t function without them!!- Rosario Office Manager, Law Office
United Call CenterJune 22, 2011Rating: 5Life is easier with my own “virtual office”Best investment I’ve made in 3 years!! I own an on-line company and UNITED CALL CENTER is the initial contact that potential customers have with my company.  They are always pleasant; they answer basic questions, take messages and get all the customer information that I need. A detailed email comes after each call and I LOVE my end of the day summary! Best of all – they can find me anywhere within minutes. Life is easier with my own “virtual office”.- Anita Online Products Store
United Call CenterJune 22, 2011Rating: 5No hidden charges!In the last year I’ve tried answering services and call centers in 6 different states.  UNITED CALL CENTER is actually the only one that didn’t have a list of hidden charges, and that actually does the job they say they can do.  If I would have just sat down and asked myself “Why are these other services so cheap?” I could have saved myself thousands of dollars.  You definitely get what you pay for with UNITED CALL CENTER.- Steven Mobile Detail Company
United Call CenterJune 22, 2010Rating: 5We are very happy with UNITED CALL CENTERWe are very happy with UNITED CALL CENTER.  Our practice has 7 specialists and 25 other physicians.  UNITED CALL CENTER worked with us non-stop, until all of our physicians’ preferences were set up and perfected! We do not even hesitate to refer UNITED CALL CENTER as we are confident that if they can satisfy such a large group of physicians’ such as ours, they can make any practice happy!!- Bonnie Office Manager, Hospitalist Medical Group
United Call Center 5 out of 5 based on 5