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Call Center Services


Remember, you get what you pay for.  The cheapest answering service may save you money when you pay their bill, but what you may unknowingly lose in revenue because of poor service could pay for our services for the entire year. Here’s what you get with United Call Center:

  • Toll free or local number, at no additional cost. You can forward to it, or advertise it as your after hours emergency number.
  • Professional agents that will always be here to answer your calls 24×7, and NEVER place your caller on hold to answer another call.
  • The ability to follow instructions as to what to contact for, why, and who.  You determine whether or not you are bothered after hours based on the protocol you set up
  • We maintain your on call schedule and ensure that the correct people are contacted whenever they need to be.
  • The ability to receive and dispatch emails that need to be responded to when your office is closed
  • No extra fees for night, weekend, and/or holiday coverage.
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