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Virtual Office Receptionist


With today’s technology, there is no reason to absorb the cost of a full time in house receptionist.  Below are some things that we can do for you to help you keep your costs at a minimum.

  • Live answering, with your company name.  We do not volunteer to the caller that we are an outside service.  We will give your callers the impression that we are sitting at your office.
  • Always on time, and never miss a day of work.  You will never have to worry about us calling out sick, or being late, and your phones going unanswered.  We will be here to take your calls 24×7.
  • We can give you the opportunity to answer first, and if you can’t get to the call in a designated amount of rings (you designate the amount of rings), we are always here to back you up.  If your line is busy, we can answer for you so your caller does not get a busy signal.
  • If your business conducts appointment scheduling,  we can set you up with an online schedule that we can share with you.  This allows us to schedule, cancel, or change an appointment, and you are updated immediately with the status or changes.
  • We will take ALL of your calls from a professional office.  No outsourcing our calls to foreign countries, or to at home agents who have animals and children in the background.
  • Accurate and complete messages taken and delivered to you in your preferred manner, immediately after the call is taken.
  • We will connect calls directly to you or one of your staff members.
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